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Conclusion of the 2021-22 BMSB Risk Season

Brown marmorated stink bug on a green leaf to warn it is risk season

5th May, 2022 Dear Valued Gava Customers,   The Department of Agriculture Water and Resources has published the following Import Industry Advice Notice and are forwarded for your information. Who does this notice affect? Stakeholders in the Import and Shipping industries including: Master Consolidators Vessel Masters Freight Forwarders Treatment Providers Biosecurity Industry Participants Importers Importers Customs […]

Shipping Line Rate Increase

Large freight container ship near a port

11th March, 2022 Dear Valued Gava Customers, Kindly be advised that all the shipping lines have announced a rate increase from all North-Western European and Mediterranean ports to Australia; this increase will come into effect from 1/4/2022.   The increase will be as per following: MSC:                     USD 100 / Teu Cma Cgm:            USD 98 […]

Australia: Brisbane Port Closure

Brisbane port closure updates

4th March, 2022 Dear Valued Gava Customers, Please be advised that due to severe weather conditions and flooding in South East Queensland and continued releases from Wivenhoe Dam causing high river currents and extreme amounts of debris in the river, shipping movements at Port of Brisbane remain closed since 26 February. Maritime Safety Queensland is […]

Flood Updates: Port of Brisbane, Australia

Flood updates, Brisbane river flooded.

28th February, 2022 Dear Valued Gava Customers, On behalf of Gava Australia, we would like to express our sincere hopes that you, your family, loved ones and work colleagues are safe during these challenging times. The port of Brisbane has updated us on the impacts of this flooding crisis in relation to the Port of […]

Ukraine Crisis: Industry Update

Ukraine crisis shipping industry update.

28th February, 2022 Dear Valued Gava Customers, Given the current crisis in Ukraine and its impact on transport and logistics, we would like to share the following information. Freight disruptions are emerging in Europe and Asia as the impact of Russia’s invasion is causing delays to the movement of goods and sparking warnings of increased […]

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