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2022 Supply Chain Management Crisis

2022 supply chain management crisis demonstrated by a busy port full of freight.

From ship to shelf, the supply chain issues will continue into 2022, and the challenges will forever change how the Freight Forwarding industry operates.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on global supply chains and container shipping. Congestion at ports in Europe, Australia, the USA, and Asia, as well as disrupted sailing schedules and equipment shortages, have significantly disrupted the customer supply chain. 

In addition, accumulated delays due to COVID-19 control measures, rapidly increased demand, poor schedule reliability and lower productivity are causing containers to remain in transit for longer, reducing the effective number of containers in active circulation.

Organisations such as Maersk have taken measures to alleviate this by rationalising their schedules and repositioning the empty containers. Additionally, Maersk has tripled the number of dry freight containers in their fleet to support customers’ export requirements during the last few months. However, In-fleeting of new containers alone is no longer sufficient to meet overall demand; therefore, it remains critical that import containers are turned around as quickly as possible.

Not just an issue at Gava International

These supply chain management problems we are facing have impacted the freight forwarding industry as a whole. At Gava Australia, our team works around the clock to ensure your goods are placed on the correct ships and delivered to you promptly. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the current issues the industry are facing; however, we want to provide our clients with the knowledge and understanding of these global issues so they are aware. The staff members at Gava will ensure our clients are constantly updated with industry news, the status of their cargo and provide additional support and assistance where needed.

At Gava Australia, we endeavour our best to provide you with excellent services. However, we ask that you please take into consideration the ongoing global crisis in the industry. 

With that in mind, please enjoy this parody created for Maersk about the current crisis Freight Forwarders are facing. 


Gava Australia


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