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Conclusion of the 2021-22 BMSB Risk Season

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5th May, 2022
Dear Valued Gava Customers,

The Department of Agriculture Water and Resources has published the following Import Industry Advice Notice and are forwarded for your information.

Who does this notice affect?

Stakeholders in the Import and Shipping industries including:

— associated with shipping or importing goods that require increased intervention during the 2021-22 BMSB risk season. 

What has changed? 

On 1 May 2022, the 2021-22 BMSB season ended.

Goods shipped or vessels departing from BMSB identified target risk countries on or after 1 May 2022 will no longer be subject to the BMSB seasonal measures, including the Seasonal Pest Inspection (SPI) on arrival.

Target high-risk goods manufactured in or shipped from target risk countries, that are shipped on board vessels between 1 September 2021 and 30 April 2022 are subject to BMSB measures on arrival, regardless of the arrival date.

Importers are reminded that it is their responsibility to continue to ensure that any goods imported are free of biosecurity risk material throughout the year, not just during periods of heightened seasonal measures. 

All vessel masters and agents are reminded of their obligation to continue to report all insect detections in pre-arrival reporting.

For further information please visit the BMSB webpage. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Gava Australia. For additional updates and information on the Latest News in the industry, please visit our new Gava Website:



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